Automated immediate response and attention

Automated immediate response and attention
You provide 7x24x365 web and mobile services to queries, questions, petitions, or complaints with immediate automated text response to your client, worker or visitor, regardless of concurrency (number of concurrent visitors) or Type of queries (the system responds all that your company or entity authorizes)

Other Apps available and easily to setup to your business processes:

vineta7 Sales App: Allows the sales force to record all business management from the App, business scheduling, TAT billing, GPS, route mapping and route metering assigned by seller. Includes Business Intelligence (BI) module for sales management and sales forecasting based on the sales funnel.

vineta7 Nursering: Software for handling the provision of Ambulance and Home Doctor services. This Software has Native Mobile Application for Android, includes personnel scheduling and confirmation to assigned Ambulance customers. Additionally, it allows the Ambulance Company to measure the productivity and efficiency of the routes performed and the qualification of the services provided in each transfer.

vineta7 Support: Software for the provision of on-site repair services; Allows automatic scheduling and calculation of installed service capacity. Includes communication and confirmation of services via e-mail and via push notifications.

vineta7 Marketing Proximity: With Push Notifications to generate alerts, promotions and reminders, they are a great help to boost marketing campaigns and achieve greater efficiency in the services provided..