Health Care

Health Care
If your entity seeks to achieve one or more of the following objectives:

vineta7 Increasing of affiliations.
vineta7 Getting customer knowledge..
vineta7 Reducing the cost of customer service and contact center costs.
vineta7 Enhancing of geographic coverage by increasing virtual service points.
vineta7 Improvement of payments collecting: Facilitate the payment of the service to the users.
vineta7 Decreasing operational costs.
vineta7 Access 24 hours for self-service 100%.
vineta7 Customer attention in strategic, safe and close places like: Clinics and Hospitals, Medical Centers, Shopping Centers, Large Surfaces, Trade and Convention Centers, Universities, Stations, Airport and Transportation Terminals, etc.
vineta7 Efficiency in communications, marketing and customer service.

Then you need our products and services:

vineta7 System of attention and immediate response via web and mobile.
vineta7 Video attention platforms.
vineta7 Modules for consultation, application for medical authorizations through informatic kiosks, printing and filing of affiliate documents, payments, document capture and so on.