Quiosco Vending (Ingles)

Kiosco vending machine Back

Kiosk for sale of perishable goods (including refrigerables), non-perishable goods Printed matter, communication equipment (cell phones, SIM cards, batteries, linings, housings, Etc.) and in general any tangible items that can be stored.


vineta7 Digital selection of the item.
vineta7 Consultation of characteristics and technical data of the article.
vineta7 Payment by debit card.
vineta7 Payment with cash, money back.
vineta7 Acquisition of the article.


vineta7 Operating kiosk installed.
vineta7 Operational kiosk installed and stocked.
vineta7 Kiosco operativo instalado, surtido y en renting.
vineta7 Operational kiosk installed, assorted and renting.
vineta7 Installed kiosk, assortment, renting and monthly location.
vineta7 Monitoring, support and maintenance..
vineta7 Money picking.
vineta7 Catering.
vineta7 Help Desk.